Five Afghan Teenage Refugees Gang Rape A Boy At Knife-Point – Won’t Be Deported For SICK Reason

Five Afghan Teenage Refugees Gang Rape A Boy At Knife-Point – Won’t Be Deported For SICK Reason

It appears that there are five Afghan teenagers that have been convicted of gang-raping a boy in Sweden – but none of them will be punished with deportation because their homeland is ‘too dangerous’.



The victim is a boy under 15 years of age and was filmed during the brutal rape, which happened in woodland in Uppsala, south east Sweden. The victim was attacked and beaten at knife point, then was dragged into the forest before being subjected to a nightmare lasting more than an hour, according to prosecutors.

After a trial was over, the teenagers were found guilty of aggravated rape – but despite petitions by prosecutors, they will not be thrown out of Sweden because of their age and the dangers that are present in their homeland.


The court said that the boys would have been hard hit by deportation because of the dangers of security in Afghanistan. Four of the defendants received the longer jail term of 15 months, while the fifth was only sentenced to 13 months. Prosecutors had claimed that one of the attackers had actually recorded parts of the assault, overnight on October 24 and 25, and decided to post the gruesome rape on social media.

The victim of the rape is also from Afghanistan and went to police before the five suspects were detained on child rape charges, it has been reported in Sweden.

All five refused to cooperate and denied all the accusations with one even saying that he wasn’t present during the attack. Two others said they couldn’t possibly remember any details as to what they were doing while the final pair made ‘some concessions’. Court papers said the teenagers, aged 16 and 17, ‘inflicted beatings’ to the head of the younger victim and his body before ‘grabbing the defendant, covering his mouth and dragging or carrying him into a woodland area’.

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