Florida Woman Takes A Swing At Neighbor On The Phone…NOT A Good Idea [VIDEO]

Florida Woman Takes A Swing At Neighbor On The Phone…NOT A Good Idea [VIDEO]

Yet another video of two very potty mouthed women acting like animals has hit the Internet and where do you think this rough and tumble takes place?

You guessed it. Florida. As if you there was any other option.


The clip, which reveals Florida resident Amber Cook fighting a nameless woman, has been re-tweeted nearly 15,000 times and has earned thousands more re-tweets on other social media accounts.

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The fight begins with the unidentified woman in a red tank top and black leggings charging toward Cook, who wears a Babe Ruth baseball T-shirt.

As Cook stands in her doorway, the other woman darts at her, cocks back and takes a giant swing at her face.

Cook, lets her cell phone drop and begins to repeatedly smack and punch the other woman right in the face. But then, Cook releases her anger, grabs the other woman and, in the style of the Hulk, slingshots her though the air before slamming her onto the curb in a way that would make any viewer cringe in pain.

‘Don’t you f***** dare ever say you’ll whup my f****** a** again!’

Cook screams as she unleashes a torrent of punches right at the girl’s head. Grabbing her hair in one hand, Cook proceeds to audibly pound the unidentified woman in the back. ‘Let go of my hair,’ the woman says sedately, which is kind of strange.

Cook turns the woman over, still clutching onto her hair and continues to throw punches into her face. She then begins to scream at Cook to let go of her hair as they both throw a host of profanities back and forth. Cook then lets go and the other girl stands up, painfully covering her hand on her face.

The girl tries to walk away, but is continually punched from behind until the man filming breaks it up.


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