Foolish Libs INSIST EPA Staffers To Defy Trump Agenda – Continue Global Warming Research

by Sierra Marlee | December 9, 2016 7:16 pm

Donald Trump recently triggered millennials and liberals in general when he named Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt as his head of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Leftists immediately jumped into action, demanding that EPA employees defy future Trump demands and continue to “address climate change,” to quote Sen. Barbara Boxer.


Boxer sent a letter[2] to EPA administrator Gina McCarthy and urged her to avoid caving to pressure from Pruitt.

“And remember this — the public stands with you!” she said in a letter to EPA chief Gina McCarthy and all employees within the agency. “In poll after poll, American voters are clear that they favor EPA’s efforts to address climate change, clean up the air, and protect the waterways that provide drinking water to 117 million Americans.”

She said that EPA has had strong bipartisan support for the environmental laws it enforces, many of which were signed into law under Republican administrations.

“One of the reasons that these laws have been so successful is because they were based on the science,” she said. “You must continue your important work that is rooted in science and never be afraid to do so.”

I have to side with Boxer on this. The employees SHOULDN’T comply with Pruitt’s plans. In fact, they should strike to show their outrage. Even better, they can quit! Shut down the whole EPA and just walk out! Stop coming to work!

Am I alone on this?

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