Forensic Teams Begin Excavating 12 Sites In Tikrit Where ISIS Murdered 1,700 Shi’ite Soldiers As They Swept Across Iraq

Forensic Teams Begin Excavating 12 Sites In Tikrit Where ISIS Murdered 1,700 Shi’ite Soldiers As They Swept Across Iraq

As liberals seek to shelter the delicate sensibilities of Muslims across the globe, we are constantly reminded that the war against radical Islam is not a theological one or a war of competing ideas or beliefs, but an actual war where one side declares that the other has no right to live. A new report from the Daily Mail shows exactly the kind of barbarism against which we must fight.


Iraqi forensic teams have described how they wept as they began to excavate 12 graves, believed to be the final resting place of as many as 1,700 soldiers killed in cold blood by ISIS last summer.

The teams began the gruesome task of uncovering the bodies of the young army recruits of Camp Speicher, slaughtered by the Sunni ISIS militants as they surged across northern Iraq for the ‘crime’ of being Shi’ite.

The deaths showed Iraqis that Islamic State fighters, who have also attacked ethnic and religious minorities as well as fellow Sunni Muslims opposing them, were a threatening new kind of foe.

For almost 10 months, their devastated families have been left wondering what became of their sons and brothers who had been marched through Tikrit, once Saddam Hussein’s stronghold of support.

The only clues they had were videos posted by the jihadists on social media sites, showing them being machine gunned down in their hundreds.

But now it seems their final resting place may have at last been discovered, after ‘dozens’ of ID cards belonging to the army cadets were found at the late dictator’s presidential compound last Wednesday.

Today, the first of the 12 mass graves on the banks of the Tigris River began to give up their terrible secrets, days after Islamic State’s fighters were driven from the city by Iraqi forces and Shi’ite paramilitaries.

Those who began digging up the corpses today described the scene as ‘heartbreaking’.

Khalid al-Atbi, an Iraqi health official working with the forensic team sent to Tikrit, said: ‘It was a heartbreaking scene. We couldn’t prevent ourselves from breaking down in tears.

‘What savage barbarian could kill 1,700 persons in cold blood?

We are at war, folks. Like a drunk guy swinging on you over an imagined slight in a bar, we do not want to be in a war with radical Islam, but our choices are to fight or to suffer horrific consequences.

ISIS is not playing around and it’s high time that our so-called Commander-in-Chief takes the fight to these savages with both barrels of American military might.

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