Former babysitter charged with abducting two-year-old girl before dumping her on the roadside naked

by Rachel Alexander | November 22, 2015 6:25 pm

hanna[1]A babysitter who was fired has been arrested for kidnapping and mistreating a toddler she once took care of. The creepy thing is, the former babysitter looks like the girl next door.[2]

The Daily Mail reports,

Police have charged the former babysitter of a two-year-old girl who vanished from her Massachusetts home in the middle of the night and was found naked and injured eight miles away.

Lyndon Albers was discovered on the side of the road in Rowley by a couple driving to work just before 10am on Friday – three hours after she was reported missing.

She had cigarette burns on her body and her head had been shaved.

Abigail Hanna, of Topsfield, was arrested and is being held without bail, Hamilton police said.

She was charged with kidnapping, assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon, assault and battery on a child and breaking and entering.

There are no indications yet of motive. Hanna was a college student with a fiancee. Why would someone like this snap? As the prosecution moves forward, hopefully more details will come out so we can get to the bottom of what went wrong. If we can find out what drives people to do these terrible things, maybe we can start getting to the bottom of treating them before they do things like this.

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  2. The creepy thing is, the former babysitter looks like the girl next door.:

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