Republican Former Congressman: ‘Obama Hates Israel Because He’s A Muslim’

Republican Former Congressman: ‘Obama Hates Israel Because He’s A Muslim’

This is quite a bold proclamation that is sure to draw plenty of criticism from the other side of the aisle, despite the rumor beginning with Hillary Clinton.

Republican former Illinois Representative turned talk show host Joe Walsh called Obama out for his blatant hatred for the small nation of Israel and told people what he believes is the root of that hatred: Islam.

Barack Obama

Many Republicans and conservatives believe Obama to be a “secret Muslim” due to his upbringing and choice of garb when he was younger. This is a theory that hasn’t exactly caught on in the mainstream, but Walsh claims it is the reason Obama refuses to go out of his way to defend and/or aid Israel.

One former Republican congressman may have come up with the most controversial reason yet: because he believes the president is Muslim.

In a Twitter rant Thursday, former Illinois Rep. Joe Walsh — now a talk show host — said that he believed the reason for Obama’s dislike of the Jewish state is because he’s a secret follower of Islam.



Whether he’s Muslim or not (I can’t say one way or another because I have no concrete evidence), it would be a really convenient explanation of his behavior. Either way, his disregard for the safety of our ally in the Middle East is unacceptable.

His religion isn’t going to matter in 20 days when President-elect Trump is finally sworn into office and begins to set things right with Netanyahu and put the United Nations in its place. That is something I believe that we could all agree on.

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