Former Reporter For CNN EXPOSES Network For Taking BRIBES From Government – VIDEO

by Greg Campbell | September 7, 2016 6:17 pm

The difference between propaganda and news is very, very clear. News spreads information. Propaganda is information that has been selectively edited or selected to further a narrative.


While commentary is rightfully filled with opinion and selective information to make a compelling argument, today’s mainstream media is filled with propaganda that masquerades as news.

While it is despicable that organizations like CNN and MSNBC continue to promote propaganda, it is even more shocking to learn that according to a former CNN reporter, the news agency has taken money from governments who dictate what the channel will report.

In a recent interview with Joe Rogan on his podcast, former CNN reporter Amber Lyon revealed that CNN has taken money from governments[2] to select what information will be disseminated.

Take a look at the below videos and judge for yourself. If what she says is true, however, CNN should be called out for their atrocious ethical violations and should be forever tarnished as bought-and-paid-for media whores.

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  2. revealed that CNN has taken money from governments:

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