Former Secret Service Agent: Bill Clinton Caught Having Sex on OVAL OFFICE DESK [DETAILS]

by Sierra Marlee | June 21, 2016 3:42 pm

Let’s get this out of the way first and foremost: nobody cares that Bill Clinton was caught having sex in the White House. What we DO have an issue with is the adultery, the perjury and the sneaky tactics used by a man who has established himself as a serial philanderer[1] while he is supposed to be focusing on leading the free world.

President Bill Clinton is shown in this undated photo delivering his first radio address to the Nation from the Oval Office. (AP Photo/White House)[2]

From The Daily Mail:

Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky embraced, made out and had sex in just about every nook and cranny of the Oval Office.

Secret Service officer Gary Byrne should know. He’s the man who stood guard outside Bill Clinton’s Oval Office,  was the last obstacle to Monica Lewinsky’s access to the President.

And the White House intern, Byrne says, was relentless in her pursuit of the President.

‘What (if anything) she did all day as an intern mystified me. Some days she seemingly had nothing better to do than play I Spy the President’, Gary Byrne writes in his bombshell book Crisis of Character: A White House Secret Service Officer Discloses His Firsthand Experience with Hillary, Bill, and How They Operate to be published by Center Street Books on June.28.

‘Monica hung around us batting her eyes until she overheard the president’s position or direction of travel, then bolted to maneuver into his path. She lived for even his passing glance.’

When dogging the President down off-limit hallways, she had a playbook of lame excuses, he writes:

‘I’m just here to use the bathroom; You mean I have to walk all the way around?; They asked me to deliver something here; I’m just here to see a friend’; were only a few.

When she saw Byrne, she tried sneaking in through neighboring offices and corridors – any way she could to get to Bill.

All the Secret Service had witnessed Bill and Monica ’embracing, making out, or on the Oval Office Desk’.

And she frequently wore dresses that were too short – anything to catch the president’s eye.

On one occasion, after Clinton sighted her, ‘she turned back to ensure she had his attention – and flipped up her black-and-white print dress to reveal her blue thong’.

Clinton laughed and said, ‘Hey, there!’

One failed attempt was on a weekend when Bill was alone in the Oval Office and Monica appeared with news articles and his morning briefings.

Byrne was pissed because Clinton already had his briefings. He sent Monica on her way only to have Clinton come out and ask if someone had come by with files for him.

Byrne lied and responded ‘no’.

Monica wasn’t going to be sent away that easily.

She had slipped into the nearby Roosevelt Room and called the President to advise him that she had failed in her mission to reach the Oval Office.

Monica was actually able to direct dial the President without going through anyone.

‘The president had provided Monica Lewinsky with access to his direct line’.

I spent quite a while feeling extremely bad for Lewinsky for being victimized by this sexual predator, but knowing that she was not only in on it, but pursued him despite his obvious marital status? Every one of them is disgusting.

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