Foster Parent HORROR! Mom accidentally houses a terrorist

Foster Parent HORROR! Mom accidentally houses a terrorist

Imagine that you agree to take in a foster child who desperately needed a home. You feel as though you’ve done something good with yourself and hope that you can make a positive impact in this child without their parents.

The child is placed with you and you start noticing some SERIOUS warning signs, like the fact that at “12 years-old” he is already rather hairy. He also knows how to efficiently strip a rifle and puts your 13 year-old child in “expert holds” that are known to be used by those proficient in hand-to-hand combat.

And then you find out that he’s 21 years-old.


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But the social workers told you that he was a 12 year-old boy in need of a family, so what do you do?

That is exactly what happened to Rosie, who agreed to home what she thought was a young man. Jamal, who was really a 21 year-old suspected terrorist, was placed in a room with Rosie’s other teenage children, including two young girls.

Jamal’s dentist tipped off the family, letting them know that he believed the man was much older than he claimed. Later it was discovered that the “boy” had “Taliban material” and images of child abuse on his mobile device.

This “mistake” comes after immigrants fleeing the Middle East are claiming to be children and are being bused into the UK. It is entirely possible that terrorists could use this same tactic as a way to embed themselves into the homes and neighborhoods of Europeans before attacking.

Rosie, whose full name we are hiding to protect her from reprisals, said: “Adults are playing the system. It’s putting families like mine and society as a whole at risk.

“I don’t see anything wrong with dental and bone density checks. Some say they are intrusive and degrading. But having a man in your home who’s pretending to be a child is far more intrusive.”

Rosie is terrified to go about her daily life because she knows he could be out there, waiting to attack them for figuring him out.

His last words to Rosie were: “I’ll kill you and I know where your children are.”

She added: “I can’t say he was a terrorist but I do think he came from a training camp. He was a great actor.

“Every day I check the car, and that all the house windows are shut. I panic because I know he knows our routine.”

This is why we can’t allow this to happen in America. This is just absurd.

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