Franken Tearjerker Revealed As a Lie

by Van Helsing | November 14, 2008 12:11 pm

If Barack Obama can be elected president, anything is possible: even the corrupt and obnoxious hard-left professional clown Al Franken joining the Senate. He lost the election, so he is pulling an Al Gore, with his supporters manufacturing postelection votes by the hundreds in the most open contempt for democrat processes since their fellow progressive Joseph Stalin said[1],

The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.

In an attempt to justify his postelection shenanigans, Franken tells the tale of an old woman whose absentee ballot was rejected because having had a stroke made her signature shaky. For the record, this tearjerker is a lie[2]:

Franken’s U.S. Senate campaign originally said an 84-year-old Beltrami County woman’s post-stroke handwriting did not match her voter registration signature, so election officials rejected her ballot.

The county’s top elections official said she told the Franken campaign that was not the case.

“Beltrami County does not have one ballot that was rejected because signatures didn’t match and the Franken campaign was clearly told that,” County Auditor-Treasurer Kay Mack said. “I don’t know where they are getting that from.”

Nonetheless, Franken’s campaign continues to “strong arm local officials into counting invalid ballots” — as opposition campaign manager Cullen Sheehan puts it — as his supporters discover mislaid ballots in places like the trunks of their cars. By a mysterious coincidence, none of these includes votes for Franken’s rival Norm Coleman.

Overseeing the farce is Minnesota’s Democrat Secretary of State Mark Ritchie — a militant moonbat[3]:

One of Mr. Ritchie’s financial supporters during his 2006 run for office was a 527 group called the Secretary of State Project, which was co-founded by James Rucker, who came from The group says it is devoted to putting Democrats in jobs where they can “protect elections.”

Mr. Ritchie is also an ally of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, or Acorn, of fraudulent voter-registration fame. That relationship might explain why prior to the election Mr. Ritchie waved off evidence of thousands of irregularities on Minnesota voter rolls, claiming that accusations of fraud were nothing more than “desperateness” from Republicans.

If Obama had lost by a close margin, this scenario would be playing out all across the country. American democracy is headed for banana republic status as Democrats tighten their grip on the levers of power.

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