Franklin Graham Says Obama’s Islamic Upbringing Makes Him Deaf to Christian Suffering

by Michael Schaus | April 26, 2015 2:34 pm

Reverend Franklin Graham didn’t hold back when asked about Obama’s deafening silence regarding the slaughter of Christians throughout the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. Highlighting the President’s Muslim upbringing, Graham pointed out that there might be some uncomfortable reasons for Obama’s apparent indifference to the Islamic State’s genocidal rampage throughout the Middle East[1].

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“We have a mess on our hands, and the president, and his policies are responsible for this,” the son of famous evangelist Billy Graham told Fox News host Eric Bolling on “The O’Reilly Factor.”

Graham said Obama’s upbringing has likely influenced him to remain silent on the atrocities against Christians around the world.

“As a youth, his influence was Islam,” Graham said. “Growing up, his impressions as a young man came from Islam, not the Christian faith.”

Christians in Iraq are being butchered, and “the president has been doing virtually nothing,” he said, adding that he appreciates the airstrikes, but believes America may have to return ground troops to Iraq to defeat Islamic State.

The evangelist was also critical of Obama’s untimely decision to use speeches at the National Prayer Breakfast and during Easter to call out Christians for past atrocities. Graham turned the tables back on Obama, repeating that he is doing nothing to help persecuted Christians, “being slaughtered” because of their faith.

“My question to the president and his administration: What are you going to do?” he said.  “You going to say you didn’t know?  You do know!”

Of course, Graham did hit on something pretty important. President Obama was raised in a world that viewed the United States as a Christian force of oppression, tyranny, and colonialism. And regardless of how much his Islamic childhood influenced his present view of Middle Eastern affairs, one thing is for certain: As Islamists rampage across the Middle East under the black flag of ISIS, the leader of the free world is disturbingly quiet.

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