Free Money for Minority Broadcasters

Despite the extreme arrogance of the Dems’ blitzkrieg to impose socialism on America, they’ve backed off on the Fairness Doctrine, because the public is all too aware that it is anything but fair. But there are other ways to skin a cat, such as closing down radio stations in the name of “diversity” because the owners have too light a complexion. Minority owned stations — less likely to air Rush and Sean no matter what the public wants — will have full federal backing. It’s starting already:

A group of minority broadcasters asked Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner Monday for financial assistance akin to the aid that has been extended to the financial and auto industries. …

The broadcasters appeal follows a proposal sent in May to Mr. Geithner by a group of influential House members asking for a minority broadcaster support program, bridge funding, or government-backed loans.

The House letter was signed by House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D., S.C.) and a group of key committee chairmen, including Financial Services Committee Chairman Barney Frank (D., Mass.) Ways and Means Committee Chairman Charles Rangel (D., N.Y.) and Oversight Committee Chairman Edolphus Towns, (D., N.Y.).

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We’re used to the government stealing our money and using it to play favorites in what was once a free market. But here’s the ominous part:

Research from the Internet advocacy group Free Press says minorities own just 7.7% of full power commercial radio stations and 3.2% of full power commercial TV stations.

Minority broadcast ownership also is an issue important to Federal Communications Commission Commissioner Michael Copps, who was acting chairman of the agency earlier this year.

Look for radio stations to be licensed on a racial basis in the future. Equal representation based on race would be as absurd in media ownership as it would be in the NBA. But then, equality won’t be good enough, because some animals are more equal than others — namely those who have been “historically underrepresented.” It’s all part of our new “post-racial politics.”

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