From Obama’s Mouth To Moderate Republicans’ Ears

by Melissa Clouthier | October 31, 2008 10:49 am

My lefty commentators and the moderate Republicans believe that success in the future will be to be even more Democrat-like. Barack Obama shares his ideas[1] about appearing moderate but holding to ideology:

In order to beat them [Republicans], it is necessary for Democrats to get some backbone, give as good as they get, brook no compromise, drive out Democrats who are interested in “appeasing” the right wing, and enforce a more clearly progressive agenda.

The country, finally knowing what we stand for and seeing a sharp contrast, will rally to our side and thereby usher in a new progressive era.

Go read the whole thing. So Obama feels that strident rhetoric hurts, but behind the scenes forget any notions of a big tent and go hard to the Left. Only problem is that Americans think they’re getting a moderate Democrat in Obama. And if they believe that, they haven’t been paying attention.

And remember: a “radical” Republican is just an Average American. Most people don’t view going to church, owning a gun and self-sufficiency as radical.

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