Game reviewer contacts the moms of teenage boys threatening to rape her on Facebook

by Rachel Alexander | November 29, 2014 2:01 pm

Tired of the rape threats she was receiving from teenage gamers, Austrialian game reviewer Alanah Pearce decided to take a creative approach to resolving the problem. She contacted their moms on social media.[1]

Uproxx captured the screen shots from one exchange:

Hopefully the moms of these out-of-control teenagers respond and teach them not to make threats like this. This is what happens when teenagers are left to play video games unsupervised like Grand Theft Auto and the more recent RapePlay, which treat rape like a competitive joke. Teenagers have growing, developing minds unlike adults, which can be very unhealthily influenced by sick video games. It has become such an epidemic that a backlash has started within the gaming community known as Gamergate, an overreaction primarily directed at white males.

This is just going to continue getting worse unless parents – including dads – start restricting what video games, TV and movies their kids are watching. Otherwise, the treatment of women, as well as the backlash against the gaming community is just going to get worse.

  1. She contacted their moms on social media.:

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