This Gas Station Owner Was Robbed Twice, Then He Put Up a Sign That Drove Liberals Crazy [VIDEO]

by Greg Campbell | June 27, 2016 7:05 pm

The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. Period. So, if you’re a gas station owner who is continually getting robbed, how do you get more “good guys” with guns to patronize your store? Offer a discount, of course! One man is doing exactly that[1] and striking a blow against the anti-gun crowd.


From Twitchy:

After his gas station was robbed two times within the span of three months, owner Frank Schwagel took matters into his own hands to protect his Shell gas station in Minnesota.

Discovered by local news station WJON-TV[4], Schwagel put up a sign offering discounts after 7 PM for police officers and anybody who can prove they have concealed carry.

And it’s not a small discount:

Schwagel claims he’s “trying to bring it to people’s attention that there’s been some robberies going on around town. “And these guys are coming in with guns and knives and threatening our employees. It’s pretty disconcerting. I just figured anything I can do to draw attention to the problem.”

It’s simple logic, really.

Bad guys don’t follow the law. So, one should encourage good guys with guns to be around the store. If the gas station is offering a discount, more armed people will show up and that will lead to more protection.

I’m sure the left is throwing a fit right about now. But if they don’t like it, they should feel free to fill up elsewhere.

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