General Electric Leaves Liberal Connecticut After This Happens

by John Binder | January 17, 2016 3:48 pm

Just like Donald Trump continues to say, massive companies are not surviving in the American economy anymore because of over-regulation and over-taxation.

That’s all because in Obama’s economy, business is the enemy and the government picks its winners and losers. So it’s really not all that shocking when General Electric announced that it would be leaving liberal Connecticut[1] for this reason:


GE’s decision to leave Fairfield for Boston is another sad marker in the downhill slide brought about by Connecticut’s high-tax, high-regulation, anti-business policies of the last 25 years.

Governor Malloy, a Democrat, accelerated the state’s economic freefall with another huge tax hike passed last summer. Despite his 2014 reelection promise of no new taxes, Mr. Malloy signed a $2 billion tax hike that falls heavily and businesses and individuals. This came only a few years after his near $1.5 billion tax hike.

Does anyone doubt that massive tax hikes on successful earners and corporations drive those same folks out of state? That’s the new Connecticut story. A recent Pew poll shows that 60% of current residents want out.

Meanwhile, Connecticut’s economy and rate of job creation have only recently recovered to pre-recession levels. So it took Connecticut eight years to get back even. Not new growth or new job-creation — just even.

Why can’t liberals get it?

Raising taxes and regulating industries to death does not create jobs, it kills business and jobs.

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