George Freaking Will, again

by Robert Stacy McCain | November 10, 2008 2:15 pm

Another shot at the rubes and yahoos[1] who, he says, are ruining the Republican Party:

Some of the Republicans’ afflictions are self-inflicted. Some conservatives who are gluttons for punishment are getting a head start on ensuring a 2012 drubbing by prescribing peculiar medication for a misdiagnosed illness. They are . . . unhinged by their anger about the loathing of Sarah Palin by similarly deranged liberals. These conservatives, confusing pugnacity with a political philosophy, are hot to anoint Palin, an emblem of rural and small-town sensibilities, as the party’s presumptive 2012 nominee.
These conservatives preen as especially respectful of regular — or as Palin says, “real” — Americans, whose tribune Palin purports to be. . . .

We have seen this movie before. Immediately after the 1972 election, some conservatives laid down the law — the 1976 Republican nominee must be Vice President Spiro Agnew.

The Air Force should load George Will and David Brooks[2] into a C-130 and airdrop them, sans parachute, on a Taliban position in Afghanistan. They’re useless as intellectuals, but perhaps they’ll do some good as ordnance.

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