Germany Now Approves of Muslim Child Brides

Germany Now Approves of Muslim Child Brides

At what level of depravity and immorality does Germany finally get to be marked a Muslim state? Do they need an Islamist in office, or will a terrorist sympathizer suffice?

The fact that these disgusting marriages were not immediately annulled and the children taken away to safe houses for care and therapy says a lot about the willingness of Germans to pander to the “culture” of Muslim immigrants.


Two Syrian girls were discovered to be child brides and now reside in Germany. They were married off before the age of 16 in their home country.

Legally, German women can get married at the age of 18, though in some (extremely rare) cases, they will make exceptions for people over 16. This leads to the question: should these marriages be recognized in the eyes of the German legal system?

Generally, the answer would be no, but according to, an estimated 1,500 cases of underage marriage have been recorded in the Foreigner’s Central Register, though there could be more unknown cases.

Key members of the German-Muslim community have rejected the idea of child marriages, but also say that the families should not be broken up.

“If they were mentally mature for the marriage, you should leave it be. A separation could be another catastrophe, because marriage also provides protection.”

I don’t know how protected I would feel getting married off to an older man at a young age, but maybe that’s just me. I absolutely think that those young women should be taken from their “arrangements” and allowed to grow up normally.

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