Gingrich Vs. Steele For RNC Chairman

by John Hawkins | November 11, 2008 9:16 am

Yesterday, I endorsed Newt Gingrich for RNC Chairman — but, that was before I knew Michael Steele was going to be seriously pursuing the job[1] as well,

A behind-the-scenes battle to take the reins of the Republican National Committee is taking off between former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and former Maryland Lt. Gov. Michael S. Steele.

Neither man will acknowledge his interest in the post, but Republicans close to each are burning up the phone lines and firing off e-mails to fellow party members in an effort to oust RNC Chairman Mike Duncan in the wake of the second consecutive drubbing of Republican candidates at the polls.

A bevy of backers for each man, neither of whom is an RNC member, say the committee needs a leader who can formulate a counter-agenda to President-elect Barack Obama’s administration and articulate it on the national stage.

“The Republican National Committee has to ask itself if it wants someone who has successfully led a revolution,” Randy Evans, Gingrich confidant and personal attorney based in Atlanta, told The Washington Times on Monday. “If it does, Newt’s the one.”

Former California Republican Party Chairman Shawn Steel told The Times that Mr. Steele, chairman of GOPAC, a national organization once headed by Mr. Gingrich, “wants to be Republican national chairman.”

“I’ve talked to him many times, and he definitely wants it,” said Mr. Steel.

Now that Michael Steele is in the race, I think I am going to have to……still go with Gingrich.

Why? Because I think Gingrich is the best idea man in the Republican Party, has more experience than Steele, and has led the Party back from the wilderness before.

That being said, Michael Steele would be an excellent selection as well. He’s young, charismatic, gets it, likes the blogosphere, is popular with conservatives, and understands how to pitch younger voters.

Having these two guys battling it out for the RNC chair position is a win/win, because no matter who gets it, it’s good for conservatives…which is why I worry that neither of them will get it.

The Mitch McConnell, George Bush, and John McCain types that run our party could walk into a strip club with $50,000 in their wallets and walk out two hours later, broke, without ever having seen so much as a bare boob and somehow manage to blame the whole thing on the conservative wing of the party.

So, even when they get a win/win situation, it has gotten to the point where I almost expect them to turn it into a loser. On the other hand, maybe a 2nd beating in a row has shaken a few Republican heavies out of the stupor they’ve been in for so long.

Who would you like to see as RNC Chair?
Saul Anuzis (Michigan GOP Chair)
Katon Dawson (SC Party Chair)
Mike Duncan (Current RNC Chair)
Newt Gingrich
Jim Nussle (White House budget chief)
Chip Saltsman (Former Huckabee campaign manager)
Michael Steele
John Sununu (Former NH Senator)
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