Girl Is Raped By Her Brother, Gets Pregnant – Family Does UNTHINKABLE To Get Rid Of The Evidence [VIDEO]

Girl Is Raped By Her Brother, Gets Pregnant – Family Does UNTHINKABLE To Get Rid Of The Evidence [VIDEO]

A girl who was viciously raped by a family member, impregnated and then beaten in order to deliver a stillborn baby, has now testified about the horrific experience in court, including the demonic act they did to the stillborn child.


This is a rough one, so beware.

The unnamed teen was repeatedly stomped on and kicked in the pregnant belly by Lonnell McDonald in an attempt to force an abortion in March 2013, Texas prosecutors said in opening statements of McDonald’s trial on Tuesday.

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After the stillborn child was released, the teen’s relatives took the baby and burned the body on a grill before they decided to get rid of the body in an undisclosed location.

The 17 year-old teen, who was 14 at the time, testified that her relatives took the baby and tossed the child in a five-gallon bucket. She was unable to even see the body before it was taken.

Lonnell McDonald, 28, pleaded not guilty to committing capital murder and aggravated assault for the crime. If he is convicted, the monster is looking at 99 years in prison.


There are three other family members who also took a role in the attack and disposal of the baby and have also been charged with conspiracy to commit capital murder. That includes two cousins and an aunt.

The man who raped this poor girl was in fact, her brother. 23 year-old Robert Cayald confessed to investigators that he was the one who did it and is now being charged with sexual assault.

It’s hard to believe that people would actually fathom doing this to a little girl. One that was family. Then doing what they did to the body of the poor baby. That was completely demonic. This family was brought up in an environment that fostered this kind of behavior. One that is devoid of any conscience of goodness.

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