HERE WE GO! Fox News Announces What FBI Found In Weiner Investigation! [VIDEO]

HERE WE GO! Fox News Announces What FBI Found In Weiner Investigation! [VIDEO]


Americans everywhere are wondering what is it that is so secret in Hillary Clinton’s emails? What is bad enough that the Federal Bureau of Investigation is needing to reopen a case that had been closed? Why is she being investigated AGAIN??? As most Americans know (and all Americans SHOULD know) the case against Hillary Clinton has been reopened. One week away from the final election.

Why has it been reopened? Because of a new plethora of emails found on none other than Anthony Weiner’s laptop. But what exactly was found to lead them to reopen the case? And how is it that they are just now being found???

This is exactly what Bret Baier tackles in his special report. He isn’t afraid to call out the fallacies being created by the left wing. A common argument is that there weren’t any new emails found. But according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation there are new emails with new incriminating evidence.

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And honestly, if these emails are duplicates, what in heaven’s name was wrong with the first investigation? It kind of feels like the investigation was not taken very seriously. How can someone so terribly corrupt still be eligible for the presidency?

An indictment is looking more and more likely every day. But with only one week until the election, will it come soon enough? And what happens if she is indicted while in the White House – what will happen? Will we find ourselves in a constitutional crisis?

So, you may be asking what can I do to help?


Get out and vote. Don’t be afraid to vocalize your feelings. This could be the most important election in our lifetimes. Eight years with a woman like Hillary Clinton would be devastating. So do everything you can to support a new option.

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