GOING TO JAIL! Former Democrat Attorney General CUFFED IN COURT

GOING TO JAIL! Former Democrat Attorney General CUFFED IN COURT

Kathleen Kane, Democrat and former Attorney General was sentenced to 10-23 months in prison on Monday for illegally disclosing details of a grand jury investigation in order to embarrass her rival. Oh, and then she lied about it under oath, nice, right? Seems to be in the water over there in Democrat-ville. *cough, cough Bill Clinton*

She was also sentenced to an additional 8 YEARS of probation, with the Judge on the case saying that it was Kane’s ego that caused her to commit the criminal act in order to take down her opponent.

Talk about competitive.


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Judge Wendy Demchick-Alloy said Kane assumed an “off with your heads” mentality as she ran the state’s top law enforcement agency. The judge called Kane a political “neophyte” who failed to make the transition from campaigner to public servant after she took office.

“This case is about ego – the ego of a politician consumed with her image from Day One,” Demchick-Alloy said. “This case is about retaliation and revenge against perceived enemies who this defendant … felt had embarrassed her in the press.”

After she posts her $75,000 bail, Kane plans to appeal her conviction.

She also argues that she has already had to endure sufficient punishment outside of the justice system, dealing with the loss of her career, law license and reputation. Instead of jail time, she asked the judge for probation, so she could be at home to raise her sons, whom she shares custody of with her estranged husband.

While she enjoyed favorable press at the beginning of her career, Erik Olsen, a career prosecutor, says Kane created a “terror zone” with her behavior.

“Through a pattern of systemic firings and Nixonian espionage, she created a terror zone in this office.”

I’m sorry, but you should have thought of the welfare of your children before you started engaging in illegal behaviors, knowing full well that you could get caught and punished. If anything else, your time in jail will give you time to reflect on what kind of mother you want to be when you get out. You did this to yourself and your family, Kathleen Kane, and that is worse than any crime you have committed. You have made it painfully obvious that you think of nobody but yourself. Don’t use your children as props when you didn’t even have the decency to think of how this would affect them. You deserve to be in jail.

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