Good News From The Pentagon – Has Soldiers Giving Sigh Of Relief

Good News From The Pentagon – Has Soldiers Giving Sigh Of Relief

I’d like to say that this decision was made from a morality standpoint, but with our government, I am having a hard time believing they are doing anything moral these days. Whatever the reason, however, I’m glad that they decided to do this, because they would have faced hell if they’d gone through with it.

The Pentagon, specifically Secretary of Defense Ash Carter, announced Wednesday that he was going to suspend demands for repayment from thousands of soldiers from the California National Guard in Iraq and Afghanistan.


These soldiers (a total of around 10,000) were originally ordered to payback re-enlistment bonuses of $15,000 or more after an apparent “fraud” took place by military recruiters.

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As of right now, there is a system in place to “relieve” the burden of needing to pay back such a large sum of money, but Carter says that it is currently inefficient and (like everything else government related) has imposed “unreasonable burdens on service members.

Carter didn’t mention how long the suspension would last, but did say that it will be in place until they are “satisfied that our process is working effectively.”

Does anything in the government work effectively? Maybe the coffee machines, but that’s literally it. I hope that they decide to leave the suspension in place so the soldiers don’t have to bear a burden they can’t handle.

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