Good Samaritan Saves Woman At Walmart – Using Our 2nd Amendment! [VIDEO]

Good Samaritan Saves Woman At Walmart – Using Our 2nd Amendment! [VIDEO]

I love a story with a happy ending. Especially when that happy ending includes someone using the 2nd Amendment to save another person, because liberals have a tendency to think that it doesn’t actually happen and, well, I like bursting their bubbles.

Who knows what would have happened to this woman and her infant child if there hadn’t been a good guy with a gun there to save her.


KMBC 9 News Kansas City posted about the incident on their Facebook page.

Allegedly, the victim was placing her infant in the car seat when two men she says she didn’t recognize came up behind her. That is when she says one of the men hit her in the head with some object.

A nearby man who saw the violence stepped in to help the woman, but reports say that he was shot “multiple times.” Another man witnessed this and pulled out his firearm, shooting one of the men dead while the other escaped.

Police say that the second man involved in the incident is still on the loose, despite thinking that a K-9 unit had apprehended him later that day. The man arrested had nothing to do with the parking lot shooting.

Watch the video below:

And it would appear that we’re not alone in thanking God there was a good guy with a gun around.




Of course, there were some of the standard comments about how “if guns were illegal, then this wouldn’t have happened because the criminals wouldn’t have been able to get the guns and nobody would have gotten shot or killed.”

You know, because that’s worked so well with rape, drugs and murder.

I realize that this argument has been made many times before, but let me reiterate for those who might be a little slow on the up-take:

Criminals don’t follow laws. That’s why they are criminals. Banning guns will do nothing except leave good people defenseless and drive up demand for guns on the black market. This makes criminals rich and keeps them well armed. Now, believe it or not, I don’t know one living, breathing person who wants criminals to have better access to firearms than law-abiding citizens do. I know, shocking, but it gets better.

Women are the biologically weaker sex, meaning that we are at a strength disadvantage if a man attacks us. Maybe liberals are just sexist, but if a man grabs me in a dark alley, I want to be able to defend myself so as not to end up the victim of a horrendous crime. It would appear that despite their love of women, liberal progressives don’t actually care about us if they are taking one of the only means of protecting ourselves out of our hands, or making it harder to get.

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