Graffiti of Trump and Putin Doing THIS Goes Viral

by McIntosh | May 14, 2016 5:50 pm

Some artist’s street graffiti depicting Donald Trump passionately kissing Russian President Vladimir Putin has gone viral and I don’t believe either man will like it. But what do you expect when you have the now preemptive republican nominee sucking up to Russia’s Putin? Ugh…What a disgusting[1] thought.


From The Washington Examiner:

This modern day smooch instead alludes to what some fear are Trump’s overly indulgent views toward Russia’s authoritarian president.

“It seems we have a new Cold War, and America may have a president who seeks friendship with Russia,” Dominykas Ceckauskas, who commissioned the mural on the outside wall of his restaurant, told Agence France-Presse. “We see many similarities between these two ‘heroes’ (Putin and Trump). They both have huge egos, and it’s amusing to see they are getting along well.”

The tensions between America and Russia have been ongoing for years, but Trump and Putin suggesting they might be able to get along.

Trump called Putin a “powerful leader,” to which Putin called him “tremendous” and “talented without any doubt.”

Trump has also criticized NATO, calling it “very obsolete.” Lithuania is part of NATO, but Russia is not.

What do you do? Stomp on free expression? If it was still the Soviet Union…yes. This little footsy affair is a play. Putin is no friend to the U.S., no matter how Trump feels about it. He’ll be the best of friends to Trump until it no longer advances his own goals. Then he’ll toss Trump to the side.


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