Grandma In HORRIFIED Disbelief To Find Grandson’s Mummified Body In Attic [VIDEO]

by Alexandria Willis | December 3, 2016 3:39 am


Dyquain Rogers was an average twenty-one year-old boy in 2014[2]. He lived with his grandmother and was working to start a career. And then in November of 2014, he went missing. His family could not find him anywhere. Search parties began looking for the young man, but they never found him. The family was never able to gain closure concerning the loved one. Police say it is the greatest mystery they have encountered.

Two years later, now December of 2016, Dyquain’s grandmother has solved the tragic mystery. She was home alone one evening when she heard a noise upstairs in the attic. She went up to investigate the sound and was horrified by what she found.

The noise had been made by the body of her grandson toppling over in the attic. He had been up there since his death two years before as his body slowly decayed. She called the police and they have thoroughly investigated the situation. It is now strongly believed that the body had been there since death by suicide two years previously.

His final Facebook posts allude to him being unhappy and unsatisfied with his life, but his family does not believe he would ever have resorted to suicide. Even so, police are confident that it was a case of suicide following a deep investigation.

While this is certainly a tragedy, the young man’s family is grateful to have some form of closure now. While they had hoped for happier news, they now know the fate of the young man. His body has been given proper burial rights since the discovery.

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