Grandmother SHREDDED her million dollar fortune because she didn’t want to leave it to her relatives

by Rachel Alexander | November 8, 2015 10:53 am

fortune[1]If you want to disinherit your relatives, you need to be a little smarter than this grandmother. Write up a will and designate the money to a charity of your choice. Don’t do what this dying lady did.[2]

The Daily Mail reports,

An 85-year-old woman shredded nearly one million euros in cash in an apparent move to stop her family inheriting her fortune.

The grandmother also cut up savings accounts books before her death in an Austrian retirement home.

But the woman’s surviving family will have the last laugh as the country’s central bank has pledged to replace the 950,000 euros (£680,000) she destroyed.

The cut up money and bank documents were only discovered after she died, prosecutors said.

Fortunately, in this Obamaeconomy, most of us have no wealth to pass on so it will not ever become an issue.

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