Greats Pics And Videos…

Greats Pics And Videos: Here are a few videos and pics I thought you might enjoy…

Die Terrorists Die is an excellent video featuring the US military with a killer riff behind it. The download is a little slow but it’s worth it. Also, I’ve only seen the explicit version. You might want to avoid this one if the “F-Bomb” bothers you.

This web page has some of the most gruesome pictures of aborted babies that I’ve ever seen. I wouldn’t look at these pictures if you think it’ll upset you. On the other hand, if you know some people who insist that babies in the womb are “parasites or just tissue” you might want to send these pics over to them.

Chris Mosier from Something’s Rotten also reminded me of this video which is now even funnier since the Belafonte/Powell flap.

Last but not least, I grabbed ‘Saddam’s Swingset’ from the comments section on this Rachael Lucas post.

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