Greta Van Susteren Is Leaving Fox and This Familiar Face is Going to Replace Her

Greta Van Susteren Is Leaving Fox and This Familiar Face is Going to Replace Her

Now that Greta Van Susteren has announced her abrupt departure from Fox News, many have wondered what is going to happen to her show.

Fox has announced that they don’t plan to cancel the show immediately and have instead chosen to replace her as the host for the remainder of the election season.


Her replacement, as reported by Fox News, is going to be Senior Political Correspondent Brit Hume. He will be taking over as the host of “On The Record” until the end of the election.

In a statement, Fox News said:

Brit Hume will take over as anchor of On the Record (7PM/ET) starting Tuesday, September 6th and running through the election, announced the network’s co-presidents Jack Abernethy and Bill Shine. Current host Greta Van Susteren will depart the network after 14 years.In making the announcement, Abernethy and Shine said in a joint statement, “As one of the best political analysts in the industry, Brit is the ideal choice to host a nightly political program while the most dynamic and captivating election in recent history unfolds. Having Brit at the helm of this show will enable FOX News to continue on track to have its highest-rated year ever as the network dominates the cable news landscape.”

Commenting on Van Susteren’s departure, Abernethy and Shine jointly said, “We are grateful for Greta’s many contributions over the years and wish her continued success.”

After November, the 7 PM EST time slot will be available. It is unclear whether Fox will replace OTR with an existing show, or will be introducing a new one into one of the most popular night-time slots the Fox News Channel has ever seen.

The odds that they put either Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity of Megyn Kelly in that slot are actually pretty high, seeing as they are some of the highest viewed shows that Fox and the mainstream media has ever seen. However, this still leaves open an hour-long slot that needs to be filled for a full schedule.

What do you think they are going to fill the OTR slot with? Will they put another show in its place, or will they replace it with another pre-recorded show like an investigative journalism piece? Let us know what you think in the comments of our Facebook page, and share this article with your friends, asking if they’re going to be watching Fox News since the departure of Greta Van Susteren, or if they swore it off a long time ago.

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