MURDER: Pizza deliveryman ‘strangled & stabbed roommate to DEATH, had sex with her dead body’ then ‘drove to a barbershop for a haircut’

MURDER: Pizza deliveryman ‘strangled & stabbed roommate to DEATH, had sex with her dead body’ then ‘drove to a barbershop for a haircut’

A 20-year-old pizza deliveryman from Florida was arrested and charged with murder after police say he strangled and stabbed to death his roommate, and then had sex with her lifeless body.

homicide investogation of pizza killer

Bryan Santana, of Orlando, was taken into custody at a barbershop Tuesday. When questioned by police, he allegedly confessed to killing 23-year-old Shelby Fazio by choking her from behind and stabbing her in the neck.

‘He stated that he later had sexual intercourse with her body after she was dead,’ according to his arrest report.
The 20-year-old also allegedly attempted to kill his other roommate and planned to buy a fake gun so he could commit ‘suicide by cop.’

The grisly incident took place early Tuesday morning inside the house at 447 North John Street, which Bryan Santana shared with Fazio and 23-year-old John Heermance who moved in three months ago. Heermance told investigators that he came home at around 9am Tuesday and noticed a trail of blood smeared across the hallway leading to Shelby Fazio’s room, which was closed. The arrest affidavit cited by Orlando Sentinel stated that Heermance then saw Santana in the bathroom washing his hands.

The 23-year-old man hurried to his room to grab his cellphone and car keys so he could call for help from a safe distance, but in that moment Santana allegedly pounced on him armed with a can of pepper spray and a knife. Heermance was able to fight off his roommate and flee the house unharmed. Santana told police that with Heermance gone, he jumped into Shelby Fazio’s car and headed to a Walmart store.

‘He said he was looking for a Walmart to find a fake gun like a BB gun so he could point it at a police officer so they would shoot him,’ the report said. But before the 20-year-old man had a chance to carry out his plan, he was arrested by police acting on a tip inside a barbershop in downtown Orlando and hauled off to the Orange County Jail.
The owner of the hair salon told Channel 9 that Santana went in to get a haircut and was in a rush, telling the barber that he was going to the movies with a ‘hot girl.’

‘His eyes were big and [he] said, “I’m going to jail,” so he knew it was over,’ the shop owner said, describing the moment of Santana’s arrest. Officers who arrived at the trio’s residence found Shelby Fazio dead with ligature marks around her neck and stab wounds on her body. Crime scene investigators pull out a blood-spattered shirt from the garbage can outside the house. A piece of drywall with writing on it was also removed from the home, according to WESH-TV. While the context of the message scrawled on the wall remains unknown at this time, it read in part: ‘Not sorry for what I did’ and ‘I’m sorry.’

What a terrifying scene that must have been… sickening to know this guy had roommates and neither suspected he was a gruesome murderer.

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