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by Bookworm | March 7, 2009 3:52 pm

The gal who started the Marin conservative gatherings that I’ve had the pleasure of attending sent out a broadcast email reminding all conservatives, especially those trapped in blue communities, that it’s not enough to sit at home, read the blogs and complain. We have to work towards a change in 2010. If we wait to look, it may be too late to turn this ship of state.

For many of us, the work we do may begin just by having us reach out to each other. For those of us feeling very isolated politically, there’s an almost overwhelming inertia we need to break through in order to become politically functional. And for this living in true red communities, complacency, not fear or inertia, may be the worst enemy.

For these reasons, please read this message, forward it to your friends, AND THEN DO SOMETHING!!!

Dear conservative friends and family:

As many of you know, I live in the most liberal, nay progressive county in the universe. To combat the insanity, while maintaining my own, I started inviting conservatives over to my house to socialize, to be in a place where they could voice their views freely without rebuke or ridicule. With each party, I asked everyone to invite a conservative friend. (By the way, this endeavor was and is not associated with any political party nor does it involve the need to lay out money.)

The first party was attended by about 16 people. The following two parties grew into the mid 20’s and this last party had over 40 in attendance. Conservative guests came from San Francisco as well as Berkeley (yes, you heard me correctly!) seeking the comfort and camaraderie of fellow conservatives.

We have set up a yahoo groups account and are finishing work on a blog so we can stay in touch and abreast of articles, books, information and action points. This group is still mostly social, but the individual members are discussing ways to organize and fight. I’m not sure if this group will unite under one issue (as most organizations do) or serve as an umbrella organization for sub-groups or task forces that take on specific issues near and dear to their hearts. Either way, we will accomplish something.

Why am I writing this to you?

If you are in the Bay Area, I urge you to get involved w/ this group. This is a dynamic and diverse group of informed, educated, intelligent and accomplished individuals. If you are outside of the Bay Area, I urge you to start one of these on your own.

Why all of the urging?

Conservatives have historically been busy raising their families, working on careers, participating in religious activities and devoting the little free time they have to charitable works. We are not community organizers, agitators or activists. While we have been toiling with everyday life, expecting our elected officials to be doing the work we elected them to do, our liberal “friends” have been busy co-opting virtually every aspect of our lives–not just the obvious ones, like education and environment, but even going so far as to infiltrate and influence the policies of our churches and synagogues.

Anyone who pays attention to the news can see what is happening: our liberties, our savings, our values, our way of life are all being eroded at warp speed by the liberal juggernaut.

We can no longer sit back and hope the work is being done by others. To fight these fights on local, state and federal levels, we have to network with one another (young, old, retired, working, black, white, Christian, Jew–you get my drift), take on these issues and fight to restore our American Republic, which is fading with each passing day.

If we do not get involved, we are complicit in all the Obama Machine engenders.

Please pass this on to other conservatives around the country. It all starts with one little party and, I promise, it will grow from there.

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