GUN CONTROL: Man Ambushes Ex-Wife On Street Then Stabs Her DEAD 25 Times – No One Helps [VIDEO]

GUN CONTROL: Man Ambushes Ex-Wife On Street Then Stabs Her DEAD 25 Times – No One Helps [VIDEO]


Stories like this can be hard to write. But the world needs to know what is happening in this world. If nothing else, so we can protect ourselves and those we care about. Gun control is a sticky subject. At what point does someone’s right to carry a gun impose on the rights of those around them? That is what those who endorse gun control ask. But honestly, what if carrying a gun actually saves the lives of those around them? If only this woman had been able to defend herself.

This woman was previously married, but divorced her husband. Ten years later while walking down a busy street in broad daylight, she would encounter the man again. While walking down the street, she was ambushed and stabbed 25 times. Many people stopped, trying to help her. But this man’s knife provided enough defense to keep everyone at bay.

After stabbing his previous wife 25 times, he ran from the scene and tried to escape before he was apprehended by onlookers. But for this woman it was too late. An onlooker saw her collapse to the ground and drove her personally to the hospital. She was immediately sent into surgery where she passed away.

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What is truly harrowing is that this savage violence was caught on tape. She was walking with her back to the man when he grabbed her from behind and began stabbing her. It does beg the question. Could something have been done here? Regardless of what could have been done, the children of this woman are experiencing great grief and need the support and prayers of all those around them.

This man has been apprehended and will be held responsible for his crime. Pray for the family and pray that we will always have the right to protect those around us.

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