HACKED: WikiLeaks Releases Phishing Email That Took Podesta Down

HACKED: WikiLeaks Releases Phishing Email That Took Podesta Down

Oh brother. This is, without a doubt, the single most embarrassing thing to come out of the WikiLeaks email dump. They can spread all of the dirt on Hillary Clinton and her shady dealing, but this is the dumbest thing anyone who has ever worked for her has done.

It’s computer usage 101 to NOT EVER click on an email you don’t trust. If you accidentally click it open, certainly do NOT follow the links included. If you get something that looks legitimate, you go straight to the source of the problem, and try to talk to a real person. For example, if you get an email from your “bank” saying they need your information again because someone tried to access your account without permission, you call your bank. Odds are pretty good that it was a scammer trying to get your info.

Apparently John Podesta, aka Biggest Idiot Of 2016 gold medal recipient, isn’t as well-versed in avoiding scammers and hackers as he should be.


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This is one of the oldest tricks in the book and it still managed to trip up Podesta.

He received an email claiming that his Google mail account had recently been logged into by someone who was not him. The email also gave some “details” as to where the “login” came from.

Saturday, 19 March, 8:34:30 UTC
IP Address:
Location: Ukraine

One of Clinton’s IT staffers, Charles Delevan, is probably scrambling to keep his job after it was revealed that he told Podesta’s assistant that the threat was “legitimate” and that he needed to change his info right away.

CBS News begs to differ, reporting on Friday that the email wasn’t “legitimate” and was instead a phishing attempt to get Podesta’s email information. And it worked.

To his credit, Delevan included the actual link to the Google settings where you can change your password. If Podesta had just used that, then the hackers would never have gained access to his email account.

With idiots like these working for her, it’s amazing that Hillary gets anything done. But what can she do about it this close to the election?

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