HAH! Cal State Segregates Black Students to Promote Equality [VIDEO]

HAH! Cal State Segregates Black Students to Promote Equality [VIDEO]

What is this!? The 1940’s? I find it quite ludicrous that black people in the 1950’s and 1960’s fought so long and hard to break the chains of segregation just so that today, their offspring, who live in a free America, can resurrect the same chains…because, they WANT TO!?!?!


Ladies and gentlemen, I believe we are right now living in the zombie apocalypse. There are an awful lot of brain dead people walking around aimlessly in life and spreading a plague of ‘stupid’ every time they open their mouths.

I take it back, it’s not the zombie apocalypse, this here is the Obama apocalypse.

What Cal State LA is doing is asinine.

…and quite frankly, racist.

However, for some reason, it’s okay to be racist as long as you’re not white and Black Lives Matter gives it the thumbs up.

The university’s Black Student Union issued a set of demands about 9 months ago. What is happening now is in response to that particular set of demands. The members of the Black Student Union are stating that on campus there are “racist attacks” that happen far more frequently then they will tolerate. These attacks are ‘racially insensitive remarks’ and ‘microagressions’ from their professors and other student peers.

One of the most ridiculous demands on this list is the demand for the university to create CSLA housing space that is designated for only black students.

Because… it would provide them a ‘safe place’ away from hurtful words and oppressing comments, while at the same time giving them as they put it an opportunity for “Black CSLA students to congregate, connect and learn from each other.”

America, there is so much to say about this…so much.

However, let’s just get to the point.

The university is going to give these students what they want. They are bringing back segregated housing.

Things are getting messy here in Obama’s America and them thinking that this is going to be a “fix” for these students is just not thinking at all. They need a ‘safe place’ from words?

Is this daycare or some kind of infant nursery? The only thing Cal State is accomplishing for these students is teaching them it’s okay to be ridiculous.

Sometimes, I really hate this planet and even more so since Obama took over.

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