HAH! Disgraced CNN Falls to Even Lower Ratings – Now Behind Disgraced MSNBC

HAH! Disgraced CNN Falls to Even Lower Ratings – Now Behind Disgraced MSNBC

Mainstream media has a lot of explaining to do and even more atoning to deal with after leading an entire nation astray with this last election. The looks on the faces of Hillary-supporting Democrats the night they learned their candidate had not only lost, but lost in a landslide defeat… was PRICELESS.


Not only were they shocked and absolutely mind blown over the results, but so were many OTHER Americans who didn’t want Hillary as their President.


Well, because we were being told over and over again that Hillary was in the lead on every level and Hillary was going to be the President. We were told constantly that Trump is a joke and the easiest way for Hillary to secure a win if he became our Republican nominee.

We didn’t listen and he became the nominee. Then he became the President-elect.

Hillary followed every rule in the book when it came to: ‘How to run a successful run for President’… the same book that both Democratic AND Republican candidates have used for decades!

Trump, did not.

This further drove people into a sort of twilight zone.

This just goes to show that America truly did need a change and Trump was the one to bring it.

He gave the biggest middle finger to the Democrat party, the Republican party, the elites and all the Never Trumpers who thought without a doubt that it was impossible for Trump to win.

Thank you media, for being so crooked at your job and ready to lie when it fit your agenda…because of this, you created a whirlwind of little facts wrapped in MASSIVE lies, that confused even you. You couldn’t tell the truth from your lies anymore and as a result…no one saw Trump’s win coming.

Which just might be a gift from God, because you can’t rig what you don’t see coming! Yipeeee!

Now, CNN is learning the hard way, if they can’t do their job right….they are going to suffer the consequences.

Click HERE for the latest glorious results of what happens to a news network who chooses the dark side.


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