HAH! MSNBC in Meltdown Mode After Trump Victory – Network in Mourning [VIDEO]

by Just An American | November 9, 2016 4:42 pm

Did you stay up to see the terror on the faces of MSNBC anchors last night (early this morning)[1] regarding the election results? I did and typically I can’t stand to watch liberal media…but last night, my eyes were glued to the screen.

Donald Trump[2]

Would they take the high road out and try to set an example for a divided America under Obama? Or would they play the victim and sulk as they turned to each other to lick their wounds? Or would they run for their ‘safe places’?

They did none of the above however. What they did do was basically get through their segment, stunned, shocked and completely dumbfounded. They just couldn’t seem to grasp what had just happened.

I don’t blame them either. Everything they have ever relied on to know what is happening had failed them. I mean, EVERYTHING. Their world was flipped upside down!

What Trump has done is defeat everyone! He has very much tossed the birdie at both the Democrat and Republican parties. Donald Trump is for the people and he has won because the people can see, feel and discern that fact. This is how it’s suppose to be.

Now politicians and mainstream media are in shock. All the things they thought you HAD to do in order to be successful as a candidate in the Presidential race mean nothing now. Hillary did it all, Trump did none of it and won…. by a LANDSLIDE.

Media is absolutely mind-blown and turned around backwards over it.

See for yourself right here…

As you can clearly see, they are in absolute mourning. I understand they are scared, that’s exactly how I felt when Obama took a win for his second term.

Give it time…if they are smart, they will see in time that Trump is not at all who they are claiming him to be.

Wait for it.

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