Hate-Filled Leftists React To Darren Wilson Announcing His Wife’s Pregnancy

During his interview with George Stephanopoulos Wednesday, officer Darren Wilson announced that he and his newly-wed wife will be having a baby. Leftists of all stripes didn’t much like that and voiced their hateful thoughts toward his unborn child on Twitter. Examples below:

darren wilson

Seriously? He has every right to have a child, with his wife. Stop the hate mongering and the race card throwing. This is sickening behavior for adults, in 2014 to be displaying. In case you were wondering, Civil Rights happened. Like 50 years ago. Anyone, regardless of skin color, is likely to be killed if they assault a police officer. He gave up his job, and isn't even getting a severance package. Just let this man live his life in peace. He put on the uniform to protect yours.

That poor damn child. Raised by a sodding psychopath. Darren Wilson Reveals He And His Wife Are Expecting A Baby http://t.co/8J7Pq5fe4m

— Thomas J Billard (@ThomasJBillard) November 26, 2014


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