HEARTBREAKING: 6 Year Old Asking for Holiday Cards for Her Last Christmas

HEARTBREAKING: 6 Year Old Asking for Holiday Cards for Her Last Christmas

Addie Fausett, 6, has been told she may be celebrating her last Christmas. When asked what she would like as a gift, little Addie announced that all she wants are holiday cards. Hundreds of cards have poured in, with more and more on the way.


From Today.com:

Sending out holiday cards this week? You’ll want to add another name to your list.

Addie Fausett, 6, of Fountain Green, Utah, is likely celebrating her last Christmas this year due to an atrophy of her brain that has left doctors puzzled. And in the face of devastating news, her family has come up with a beautiful idea: They are asking people to send Addie a “lifetime of Christmas cards.”

So far, hundreds of cards have poured into her nearby post office. “We really just started spreading the word. I think it’s just going to grow and grow,” says Amber Brosig, managing trustee at Children and the Earth, Inc., a nonprofit organization that is assisting with the project.

While fulfilling wishes like this one is for the child, for sure, it also goes a long way for the parents, siblings and other relatives. “We’re creating lasting memories for the family, with the family,” Brosig explains.

Addie was just 3 years old when her mother, Tami, noticed that her girl could no longer hold a crayon or spoon, suddenly had difficulty speaking and her growth came to a standstill. Doctors found that her brain was shrinking and filling with fluid—a condition called diffuse atrophy—but the underlying cause of Addie’s atrophy remains undiagnosed, a medical mystery. Even now at 6 years old, Addie has never weighed more than 25 pounds. Last month, doctors delivered heartbreaking news: Addie had roughly a year to live, and her mental state would deteriorate before her physicality—she will forget what and who she knows.

If you want to contribute a card, you can send it to:

Addie Lynn and Sisters, P.O. Box 162, Fountain Green, UT 84632

God bless this little girl. It’s so sad that her life is going to end before it really begins, and I think we can all make it a little easier for her by sending her something as simple and as cheap as a card.

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