HEARTBREAKING: Another Coal Company Hit Hard, Forced To Lay Off Hundreds Of Employees, And Now..

by Rachel Alexander | February 7, 2016 2:35 pm

coal protesters[1]For no reason other than the myth of global warming (or the bogusly named “climate change” which is meaningless since the climate is always changing), natural sources of energy have been under attack by radical environmentalists. These industries are being destroyed needlessly, hurting folks in rural areas who are employed at these plants. But Obama and his cronies on the left don’t care, because they want to force people out of rural areas and into crowded urban areas, as part of Agenda 21.[2]

The Daily Caller reported on the latest casualties, coal companies in Illinois and Kentucky,

Illinois-based coal company Alliance Coal announced Friday it must layoff 275 employees.

Alliance noted that 75 of its employees will be released from Illinois subsidiaries River View Coal, LLC and White County Coal, LLC, while Hamilton County Coal, LLC announced the temporary layoff of 200 employees.

Coal employees in Kentucky also got slammed on Friday. Warrior Coal, LLC and Hopkins County Coal, LLC in the Bluegrass State announced some employees will be let go and others will have their employment status re-examined.

The Obama administration placed a moratorium on coal production on federal land – the regulations also dictate that coal companies on public land undergo intensive environmental reviews before becoming operable.

The U.S.’ second-largest coal producer, the Missouri-based Arch Coal, filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy earlier this year citing a dwindling demand for coal fuel. Arch filed in hopes of keeping $4.5 billion in debt off its financial accounts.

There has been an influx of coal company bankruptcies over the past two years, including companies such as Alpha Natural Resources Inc., Walter Energy Inc., Patriot Coal Corp. and James River, all of which have rebounded to some degree.

The left will never stop until everyone is walking and using bicycles. Eventually traditional sources of energy will be so reduced and expensive that only the wealthy will be able to afford things like driving a car. It’s sad that more Americans don’t wake up and realize this — but half of them have been brainwashed into thinking the world is about to end, thanks to people like Al Gore erroneously predicting[3] in 2006 that the world would end in 10 years due to not “combating” climate change.

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