Help Rebuild The Southern Baptist Church Senior Housing Development That Was Burned Down In The Riots

by John Hawkins | May 4, 2015 5:25 am

One of the thugs and criminals who was rioting in Baltimore tossed a molotov cocktail in a Senior Center that the Southern Baptist Church was building. It spent 8 years getting the funding and building the site — and now? It has been TORCHED.


This shouldn’t stand.

Baltimore doesn’t need more government programs, it doesn’t need Al Sharpton and it doesn’t need more empty promises from politicians. What it does need is more churches like the Southern Baptist Church that are working to help people and guide them down the right path.

I didn’t start this campaign, but the numbers have gone up about $4000 since we started pushing it on Facebook and encouraging other people to contribute. Additionally, I put my money where my mouth is on the funding drive[2].


Can you do the same? Even if you can chip in $5, $10, $20[4] — it all adds up — and I’d love to AT LEAST help get this church over $10,000. That’s not going to rebuild the Senior Center for the church, but it’s a start. I’d also like the church to know that conservatives helped make it happen.

You can help this deserving church right here[5].

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  2. put my money where my mouth is on the funding drive:
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  4. you can chip in $5, $10, $20:
  5. right here:

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