Hemp Houses

Hemp is a sacred plant to moonbats, who come up with their best ideas under its influence. The high priests of environmentalism have declared it to be earth friendly. Plans have been laid to make houses out of hemp, so that our very homes can be shrines to moonbattery:

Hemp, a plant from the cannabis family, could be used to build carbon-neutral homes of the future to help combat climate change and boost the rural economy, say researchers at the University of Bath.

A consortium, led by the BRE Centre for Innovative Construction Materials based at the University, has embarked on a unique housing project to develop the use of hemp-lime construction materials in the UK.

Hemp-lime is a lightweight composite building material made of fibres from the fast growing plant, bound together using a lime-based adhesive. The hemp plant stores carbon during its growth and this, combined with the low carbon footprint of lime and its very efficient insulating properties, gives the material a ‘better than zero carbon’ footprint.

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As always, behind the smokescreen of ecokookery, taxpayers are getting fleeced:

The three year project, worth almost £750,000, will collect vital scientific and engineering data about this new material so that it can be more widely used in the UK for building homes.

Check out this stylish inflatable hemp house:


It would look even sharper with one of the ecofriendly death traps Government Motors will be making parked out in front.

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