Here’s What Happened Right After University Did ‘Gender Neutral’ Bathrooms

Here’s What Happened Right After University Did ‘Gender Neutral’ Bathrooms

The latest trend at liberal universities is to make bathrooms “gender neutral” as to make transgender and cross-dressing students more comfortable.

Many have spoken out against this practice, as it could easily make women and children feel uncomfortable to be in the bathroom with individuals of the opposite sex. But politically-correct politicians and those on the left won’t listen.

The latest incident involving transgeder bathrooms happened at a university in Toronto. Take a look….

The Toronto Star reported:

The University of Toronto has decreased the number of gender-neutral bathrooms in one of its colleges after two women became victims of voyeurism when they were filmed while showering.

Toronto Police Const. Victor Kwong said Monday that two women in separate instances at the Whitney Hall residence reported that they saw a cellphone reach over the shower-stall dividers in an attempt to record them. Police have yet to find any information about the culprit, but the investigation is ongoing.

At least one gender-neutral washroom remains on each floor.

Melinda Scott, the dean of students at University College, said some bathrooms in Whitney Hall have now been designated specifically for residents who identify as men or women. However, several gender-neutral bathrooms remain.

“The purpose of this temporary measure is to provide a safe space for the women who have been directly impacted by the incidents of voyeurism and other students who may feel more comfortable in a single-gender washroom,” said Scott.

According to the Varsity campus newspaper, the two cellphone incidents occurred Sept. 15 and Sept. 19.

I hate to say “told you so” but…

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