She Hid THIS Dirty Secret At Cashier Station For Months, Then Someone Saw It

by Tiffiny Ruegner | May 21, 2017 12:14 am

A Sam’s Club cashier in Missouri was arrested after allegedly stealing hundreds of dollars from customers on at least three separate occasions. Yikes, this story teaches a very good lesson to consumers.


Jalissa Brandon was caught on video footage stealing customers cards while standing on the line as a cashier. Typically, she waited until customers were preoccupied with their purchases and she would choose not to give the customers their cards back. One time she was caught giving a customer a different card that was fraudulent. The video coverage even revealed the woman slipping a customers card in her shoe.

An investigation[2] revealed that Brandon would often take the card next door to the Walmart and make purchases. Sam’s Club customers had often complained of fraudulent charges to that store.

People were livid to hear the news and commented on the story:

“Her selfish crime is indicative of her entitlement and feeling she doesn’t need to work for anything she wants when she can just take it from others who have earned it,” says a Mad World News writer. “She’s just starting out in the working world, and despite what she probably thought, there are real consequences to her poor choices that nobody else should have to pay for but her.”

“She was taught to be a thief somewhere along the lines in her life,” a user said on Mad World News’ Facebook page.” I hope she never works or gets welfare for the rest of her days on earth! A crook.”

Studies show that 46 percent of Americans have been victimized by credit card fraud in roughly the past five years which can be attributed to careless consumers. This type of behavior includes leaving one’s smartphone unlocked, online shopping or banking on a public computer, failing to tear up paper credit card statements, and more. Consumers are advised to avoid risky behaviors and carry a limited number of cards they can keep an eye on.

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