Hidden Camera BUSTS Clinton Campaign Approving Destruction Of GOP Voter Registration Forms! [VIDEO]

Hidden Camera BUSTS Clinton Campaign Approving Destruction Of GOP Voter Registration Forms! [VIDEO]

A new Project Veritas video captures Hillary campaign workers implying that it’s okay to destroy Republican VR (voter registration) forms and even promising not to report the undercover journalist who claimed that he destroyed several pro-Trump ballots.

Hidden cameras caught Democratic campaign workers endorsing the destruction of GOP ballots on two different occasions, as well as telling one of the undercover journalists that he wasn’t to allow Republicans to sign up to vote by mail because “it’s like, really super easy.”


PVA JOURNALIST: “So about the call before, I was ripping up the ballots (registration forms), I told you. So we’re okay with that?


PVA: “We’re solid? So I’m not gonna get in trouble for ripping up the ballots?”

LAFAUCI: “Yeah.”

PVA: “Okay, I was really worried.”

LAFAUCI: “Yeah, no, I appreciate you telling me.”

PVA: “Okay. Are you going to report it? Are you going to report it at all?”

LAFAUCI: “Ah, no.”

PVA: “No? Okay yeah. I got three Trump ballots in a row and then something in me snapped. I just couldn’t take it.”

LAFAUCI: “Were you at the mall? Where were you?”

PVA: “I really forget where at was because every day I was doing VR, it was just one of those days and it just really got me. So thanks.”

LAFAUCI: “Again, thank you for coming to me. I know it was probably weighing on your conscience for a little bit, so.

PVA: “But are you cool with it?”

LAFAUCI: “Uh, it’s, yeah. As long as you don’t make it a habit.”

Before that, Wylie Mao can be heard talking about how easily he could get away with ripping up voter registration forms.

“I think if I ripped up completed VR forms, like 20 of them, I think I would get reprimanded, I don’t think I would get fired.”

Watch the video below: [NOTE: Relevant material starts at 3:20]

If this is the kind of stuff that goes on at just ONE of the Hillary Clinton campaign offices, what other kind of shenanigans is happening all over the country?

I registered to vote at my county fair at the Republican booth and that is the way I would recommend everyone do it. At least then you know that your registration isn’t going to be thrown in the garbage simply because the person taking it doesn’t agree with you.

#RepublicanVotesMatter. They can’t get away with trying to silence us.

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