High School Student Threatened, Now Facing Possible Suspension Over A Hillary T-Shirt [VIDEO]

High School Student Threatened, Now Facing Possible Suspension Over A Hillary T-Shirt [VIDEO]

Maxine Yeakle is a normal high school student…that was until she was punished for wearing a Hillary t-shirt that certain peers and staff members did not agree with.

The 18 year-old from Boca Raton turned to Facebook to vent her frustration and get the word out to the world on how freedom of expression plays out in her school, where she was threatened with suspension, even though there are no school rules against wearing politically charged clothing.

In her Facebook video, Yeakle went on to explain the reason for this mess and that reason is her “Hillary for Prison” t-shirt.

“In my class today some people had a problem with it. They didn’t say anything to me. They had a private conversation about it and my teacher told them to stop talking and they didn’t listen. So…I got called down to the office. There was a group of girls in there who started talking really loudly and kind of obnoxiously about how awful Trump supporters are and how they are all racist and saying some really ignorant things.”

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Boca Raton High School went with the claim that the t-shirt worn was “potentially disruptive.”

“If you get a bad reaction, then it’s against the rules, it’s totally ridiculous. I just think it opens up a can of worms and who is to say I’m not offended by a Hillary shirt? And why don’t they have to change?”


Yeakle’s video she posted didn’t draw in the supporters, according to her:

“It is bullying because I almost deleted that video last night because I was getting so much hate and really it hurts. I think it teaches intolerance because those girls were intolerant of my views and my beliefs and that’s teaching them that’s OK because I got in trouble for that.”

Yeakle’s father went down to the school to get his daughter so suspension didn’t happen. He was quite proud of his girl, but of course, the school as of late, has refused to comment about the incident.


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