High School Teacher Who Danced to Vulgar Anti-Trump Song in Front of Students Gets Her Just Desserts

by Sierra Marlee | November 1, 2016 7:19 pm

A New Hampshire High School teacher was removed from the classroom after reportedly dancing to a song called “FDT.” “DT” are the initials of Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump and I think you can probably figure out what the “F” stands for.

She was pulled from the class and has not been allowed to return as of yet, which is probably the best thing the school can do right now, without risking the ire of Republican parents district-wide.


According to student accounts of the incident, the teacher dressed up as Donald Trump that day and when one of the students began playing the vulgar song in Kara Kelly’s geometry class, she began dancing to it instead of reprimanding the student.

The school districts’s superintendent Stephen Zadravec said that she “is not presently in the classroom,” and “[t]here is no place for offensive language in our school community, nor is it our practice in school to support or discredit political candidates.”

One of the students came to the teacher’s defense, saying “[s]he’s dressed up every year that I can remember and this year she dressed up as Trump. Another student played the song, not her. Yes, she danced to it, but she did in no way intentionally play the song.”

Should this teacher be removed from her position for merely dancing to a song another student played?

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