Higher Education Keeps Sinking Lower By Matt Sanchez

by John Hawkins | September 25, 2007 12:03 pm

As soon as I heard Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was going to be in New York, I knew it would be just a matter of time, before the Terror of Tehran took a trip uptown to Morningside Heights so he could visit an eager crowd of intellectuals at Columbia University. The campus is no stranger to big conflict; the Battle of Harlem Heights was fought on the very site where students will wait in line to see the Iranian President. For the Columbia administration, this is a golden opportunity in the marketing of tolerance. Which freak can you invite to the campus to prove just how “open” you are?

Ahmadinejad is “the other,” that exotic forbidden fruit on the opposite side of a barrier, a barrier to be thrown down in the “my tolerance is bigger than yours” bragging match. The very fact the America bashing Persian President exists means university officials are dying to have him drop by for a visit, not to hear what the guy has to say but what others would say about it.

Securing a visit from the foreign leader is a publicity plus. Harvard tried to reel in Ahmadinejad and failed. Now, Columbia has nearly succeeded. Make no mistake, Ahmadinejad is the hottest ticket on campus, some students are curious, most are fashionable. It’s the scholarly equivalent of being “edgy” and pushing the University envelope. Like Britney shaving her head and refusing to wear underwear, Columbia too has racy intentions at heart.

“A place to be challenged” is how the Columbia University brand markets itself; the nationwide condemnation of the university is just a fringe benefit to relish from the top of an intellectual pedestal.

I Have an Open Mind…See?

Columbia always claims to be an integral part of the community, but the truth is that they want to shape the community in their image and then move on to something more evolved. It’s an ego trip strapped to a strategy for making the world “progress.”

You might be tempted to dismiss Columbia, but these people have enormous influence. Columbia graduates, packaged with the ideology inside, are the instructors, facilitators and enforcers of every secular, liberal socialist, progressive, humanist, atheistic movement coursing through the veins of media, finance, academia and industry–in other words, the eyes, ears, voice, thought and power of the nation.

For all the American public’s hemming and hawing about the Iranian visit, in the keeping up with the Joneses game played by American Academia, Columbia is on the A-list. Bollinger will be noted as a maverick, renowned for asking “the tough questions” that are supposed to be the key challenge to self-absorbed progress. Students believe they’re going to “grill Ahmadinejad” and the Columbia administration said they would have invited Hitler 70 years ago. On the school newspaper website, a student claims a visit to Columbia University by Hitler in the 1930s could have changed the course of history. The university may need more room in the auditorium where Ahmadinejad will speak to accommodate the egos.

The Columbia decision makers are like serial abusers; they just can’t help themselves from molesting the student body with this type of publicity stunt, but the students themselves get a kick out of all this, too. Don’t bother questioning Columbia’s patriotism; they are beyond reproach. Out of the roughly 25 Columbia students who fought in the War for Independence, only six fought with the patriots, the others signed up with the enemy.

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