Hillary Is Back On The Trail, And So Are Her PROTESTERS! [VIDEO]

Hillary Is Back On The Trail, And So Are Her PROTESTERS! [VIDEO]

Hillary Clinton is back out on the campaign trail and she gave her first public speech since sharing that she had pneumonia last week. She started off sharing with the media exactly what she did over the last three days that she was holed up in her cave…oops! I mean home.


‘I tried to power though, but even I had to admit that maybe a few days rest would do me good,’ she so strongly put it. ‘It turns out that having a few days to myself was actually a gift.’

It was actually a gift for Americans. We were all safe from her lies and corruption for just a few days. But of course, that dream couldn’t last long. Hillary went on to say that she was ‘lucky’, then proceeded into a pre-planned speech on more of her plans to fund healthcare using taxpayer money. It’s so very apparent to all that listen to Clinton that she is a robot. The woman cannot and I mean CANNOT speak to anyone without sounding fake and robotic. Who can gain a connection with this candidate?

As she continued on her speech, a man who was in the crowd began screaming at her with the tried and true phrase that elementary kids all over can appreciate: ‘You suck!’

This was not the start Hillary Clinton was aiming for when she started her comeback rally speech. After spending the last three days supposedly at home, ‘catching up with friends’ (Clinton donors…just a guess) and resting up her doctor declared pneumonia, her campaign needs to show that is is strong – in more ways than the obvious.

Clinton responded back to the various protesters in the crowd that she just wanted ‘to have a conversation’ and said other people could wave their arms with signs, while outside the rally, many Trump supporters holding signs in protest had their field day…thanks to the arrogance of Clinton.

One sign read ‘I am deplorable’. The ‘basket of deplorables remark by Clinton has really come back to haunt her and her campaign. So much so, it’s being used in protest signs, T-shirts and proud labels in pro-Trump rallies.


Clinton also found time to throw in her usual jabs at Trump.

‘I’ll never be the showman that my opponent is — just look at the show he put on for Dr. Oz today,’ speaking of the health reveal of Trump on the Dr. Oz show.

It seems like Hillary is back to continue her fight for now…now who wants to lay bets on when she will start her coughing fits again?

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