Hillary Clinton Had to Invite Men to Her “Women Only” Fundraiser After Horrendous Ticket Sales

by Jennifer Van Laar | June 3, 2015 2:32 pm

Hillary Clinton has always tried to portray herself as representative of women everywhere. However, when women are asked to return the favor by going to her fundraiser, the response was not what she expected[1].


A New York fundraiser for Clinton hosted by Eliot Spitzer’s ex-wife was originally meant to be open exclusively to women, who for $2,700 could sit in on a two hour chat with Clinton. However, after dwindling ticket sales, the event decided to include men.

Page Six reported that “during the 11th hour,” the event was opened up to everyone because it “failed to attract high-powered women.” The initial goal was 125 attendees, but after less than half of the sales goal was met, the deadlines were pushed back and men were reluctantly invited.

The event began at noon, but Clinton arrived around 1 p.m. She took pictures with donors and delivered a half-hour speech before leaving at 2 p.m.

The lackluster fundraiser ultimately drew 90 people.

Not only were ticket sales for this event absolutely horrible, but Clinton only appeared for one of the two hours she was advertised to be there. What a way to thank the 90 people that showed up for the event.

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