Hillary Clinton Praises Female Muslim Athlete Who Trashed America at the Olympics

by Greg Campbell | August 9, 2016 6:18 pm

The problem with liberals is that they do not value excellence. They are much more apt to praise a confused crossdressing child than an honor roll student, liberals validate those who fit their agenda and ignore or deride those that don’t. Case-in-point: Hillary and her fellow liberals have been fawning-over an American Muslim who competed in the Olympics while wearing a hijab – a woman who is an anti-America bigot. Of course, while the aforementioned bigot lost, liberals have praised her instead of praising the numerous Americans who have demonstrated excellence in Rio.[1]


From The Federalist Papers Project:

When Ibtihaj Muhammad became the first U.S. Olympic athlete to compete wearing her Muslim hijab, the liberals were falling over each other to praise this brave, brave woman.

I suppose this is a neat thing. And yes, maybe it shows the world that we don’t care what your religion is, or your silly fashion statements. And American is an American and all that, right?

It doesn’t help that she bashed the U.S[5]. because she said it’s a place full of bigots. She doesn’t feel safe in the U.S. because she’s Muslim, she said.

Um… ok. She’s entitled to that opinion, right. We’re still proud of her. We’re proud of all our athletes, right?

So liberals are praising her. Even telling us she should have carried the U.S. Flag at the opening ceremony instead of Michael Phelps because Muslim Americans are just way cooler[6] than “rich white men.”

It turns out that she was eliminated pretty early[7] and won’t get a medal. But … we’re still proud.

Hillary Clinton heaped praise on Muhammad because she’s a politician and pandering is what they do.

But when Ginny Thrasher becomes the first American to win a gold medal – in shooting – where’s Hillary’s heaps of praise? Let’s check her Twitter feed:


Oh … nothing. Is it because her “praise” for the Olympic athletes is conditioned on whether or not she’s a liberal hero? Do you need to be a Muslim, or to bash America to get praise from Hillary?

Does it have anything to do with the fact that Ginny won in shooting a gun?

It almost seems as if she’s fake and insincere and just another politician.

That can’t possibly be true, can it?

This is about what we should expect from Hillary, a fellow America-hater whose only conceivable selling point to the American people is not her ideas or excellence, but the fact that she’s a woman.

It’s sad, but I’m old enough to remember when we used to celebrate excellence in this country instead of praising identity.

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